Top to Bottom Figure Drawing 4/4/14 - 2/3/8 min

Still trying to work on my tones and conceptual light sources etc etc. Focused on the back muscles for the majority of class.
Just gonna throw this in here again, please don’t use any of my artwork (especially AAI classwork) as reference.

What type of pencils do you use for your figure drawings?


In the beginning of AAI classes, I strictly used (6B+4B) Charcoal pencils. After I ran out, I started using Ebony and 6B Pencils. I’m all out of Ebony so I’m using 6B and 4B’s and I also found a black Conte pencil on the floor so I’ve been using that too.
Occasionally I use a ballpoint pen (like a bic), my Faber Castell pens (brush or point) and sharpies.
I also use a plain ole mechanical pencil (0.5mm) and a few 2B and HB pencils.

Since I’m on a strict budget I use all the pencils down to the nib and even when it is a nib I use that nib until it is dust.